Diatomaceous Earth

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My husband and I are 67 and 64 years old. After taking DE for only three days, the pain in my knee was gone. After a few more weeks, by blood pressure was down from 154/90 to 128-134/82. My bowel movements became normal and I began to sleep like a baby. Bill’s almost constant back pain disappeared and his joints stopped aching. His hemorrhoid disappeared and his bowel movements also became normal…with a “healthy colon” feeling. Also, he can’t believe how clean his teeth feel after brushing them with DE. I take a heaping teaspoon every day, (sometimes 2) and he takes a heaping tablespoon every day. I weigh 150 and he weighs 175 (give or take a few). Improvements are different with everyone.

Bill and Lynda Ranahan


Diatomaceous Earth – Organic – Food Grade:

  • 8oz. bag: $2.99

  • 1lb. bag: $3.99

  • 2lb. bag: $6.99

  • 5lb. bag: $12.99

  • 10lb. (2) 5lb. bags: $22.50


Pest Pistol

Pest Pistol: $10.00




Plastic Dispenser


Plastic Dispenser: $6.00



Going Green book


Going Green DE How-To Tips: $16.00




To Order Product, Just Email or Contact Bill Ranahan:

Bill Ranahan

DE Distributor

189 Bart Clough Rd.

Weare, NH 03281

(603) 529-1629





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